Wolftec is an executive search firm with a focus on identifying and attracting professionals who are the top performers in their industry. We take the time to learn about your career goals and what is important to you before we discuss specific opportunities. We don’t try to force fit our candidates just to fill a job order. Wolftec understands that there is more to finding a good fit for you than simply matching your skills to a job description. Company culture, organization structure, workplace environment, travel, and other issues such as benefits or philanthropy are equally important considerations when evaluating a new position.

Wolftec conducts a comprehensive requirements definition for all of our job opportunities to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of both the position and the company.

We treat all of our candidates with respect and maintain a high level of confidentiality in respect to your personal information. Wolftec views its candidates as unique individuals with whom we want to build a long term, mutually beneficial relationship. 


Wolftec guides you through the entire hiring process, from your first interview to your first day on the job. Our experienced recruiters will assist you with fine-tuning your resume and general interview skills, as well as conducting in-depth interview preparation and debriefing. We will facilitate the negotiation process and work to create a win-win situation for all parties involved. Wolftec also prepares you for your first day at your new job and strives to maintain long term relationships with all our candidates.

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Over the years we have found our clients to have a preference towards keeping their open executive positions confidential. To this end, we have stopped listing our active requirements on our website. At any given time, Wolftec has 10 -20 open positions.